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San Diego County Board Votes Unanimously to Create Department for Homeless Services


The idea for the Department of Homeless Solution and Equitable Communities was first presented by Supervisor Nathan Fletcher at theState of the County but was heard by the full board for the first time on Tuesday.

“This new county department will streamline service delivery for our unsheltered community, help move people from the streets into a safe place to live and strengthen our collaboration with regional service providers," Fletcher said in a statement released after the vote. "Today is an important step in our ongoing effort to tackle homelessness.”    

According to Fletcher's office, services provided by the county to people experiencing homelessness have been scattered across several agencies and there is a need for a streamlined approach.

"Centralizing our work involving people experiencing homelessness in one department will make us more effective at putting the unsheltered on a path to safe, secure housing and make us a better regional partner," Fletcher said.

"Taking this step signifies a renewed commitment to addressing homelessness, not just in the unincorporated areas, but across the region."