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Five Policies Chair Fletcher Introduced Were Passed at Tuesday’s Board Meeting


Five policies Chair Nathan Fletcher introduced or co-docketed during Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting were supported during a marathon meeting that was still going after 10 p.m. The policies passed will address homelessness, the environment, behavioral health and support the event industry and denounce hate against the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

Item #6 was Chair Fletcher’s policy to Create a Department of  Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities.  After it was supported by the Board, he said: 

“This new County department will streamline service delivery for our unsheltered community, help   move people from the streets into a safe place to live and strengthen our collaboration with regional service providers. Today is an important step in our ongoing effort to tackle homelessness.”    

Item #9 was co-docketed by Chair Fletcher and Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer to further strengthen the Mobile Crisis Response Teams Chair Fletcher announced last month. After it was passed by the Board, Chair Fletcher said:  

“We further strengthened policies we put in place previously to have clinicians, not law enforcement respond to non-violent mental health calls; and reinforced County government’s commitment to decriminalizing behavioral health.”    

Item #16 was co-docketed by Chair Fletcher and Vice Chair Nora Vargas to denounce xenophobia and anti-Asian racism in San Diego County.  After it was supported by the Board , he said:  

“In January we declared racism a public health crisis, and today our board stood united with our Asian American and Pacific Islander community to say we will not tolerate acts of hate or xenophobia of any kind. We will continue to stand up against racism to make sure all people feel safe and that they belong in our county.”

Item #18 was Chair Fletcher’s policy to help the event industry recover from the COVID-19 pandemic by waiving county fees for events. After it was passed by the Board , he said:  


“Today hardworking San Diegans in the events industry can breathe a sigh of relief.  Our Board agreed to temporarily waive county fees to support their economic recovery. We are happy to support these businesses and excited for the return of family-friendly events in San Diego County.”   

Item #20 was a policy docketed by Chair Fletcher and Supervisor Lawson-Remer to update the Community Choice Energy guiding principles which will aid in the negotiations of joining CCE program.  After it was passed by the Board, Chair Fletcher said:

“We are now moving the right direction toward joining a community choice energy program. Clean affordable energy should be accessible to all and updating our CCE guidelines puts us another step closer to making that a reality in San Diego County.”