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TRANSCRIPT: Chair Nathan Fletcher’s 2021 State of San Diego County Address


Good evening.

I come to you tonight from the County’s Emergency Medical Operations Center.

370 days ago, our county was one of the first in the nation to declare a public health state of emergency on COVID-19 -- activating this site and others to respond.

From this modest warehouse our region’s massive mobilization was equipped.

Masks, ventilators, testing supplies, PPE, and now vaccines. At its heart, thousands of dedicated workers responding to the ever changing, incredibly challenging pandemic of the past year.

A year that has tested us and at times divided us.

A year of tremendous sacrifice and tremendous loss.

A year that has shown us the very best of each other and sadly some of the worst.

But through it all--we never gave up.

We are still battling COVID-19... but the tide is turning.

The last year has shown our enduring strength and toughness.

As I stand before you tonight, I have no doubt:

The State of our County is resilient. And together, we are ready to rise.

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