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What People Are Saying About The State of San Diego County Address


Mayor Todd Gloria, City of San Diego

“I commend Chair Fletcher for focusing the County’s attention on regional homelessness solutions to get

our unsheltered population off the streets and connect them to housing and supportive behavioral

health services. His announcement of a new County department dedicated to homelessness and

community equity demonstrates his commitment to this issue and I look forward to enhanced regional

collaboration to help our most vulnerable residents.”


Peter Seidler, Chairman, San Diego Padres

“We are excited to partner with the County to create a baseball field at Waterfront Park that will allow

all San Diegans and especially our youngest fans to enjoy the great sport of baseball.”


David Garcias, President, SEIU Local 221

“County workers are ready to step-up to provide healthcare services in our county jails. We’re very

excited that Chair Fletcher was able to reach an agreement with Sheriff Gore. To have our skilled SEIU

employees working in our jails will definitely benefit the incarcerated, and the working families who

comprise our membership. We really appreciate Chair Fletcher for getting this deal done.”


Diane Takvorian, Executive Director, Environmental Health Coalition

“Environmental justice will be the long-overdue priority under the announcements identified in Chair

Fletcher’s State of the County. Together, we are excited to make substantial progress to bring equity to

the most vulnerable and impacted communities in our region.”


Mark Cafferty, President and CEO, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

“To help our economy weather this pandemic, Chair Fletcher and his colleagues have successfully

directed millions in funding to support local businesses, but they recognize short-term solutions won’t

heal the long-term impact of this crisis. His announcement tonight, that local businesses will have more

access to County contracts, offers greater economic stability, resilience, and opportunity as we all work

to get this recovery right.”


Rob Hutsel, Executive Director, San Diego River Park Foundation

“The San Diego River Park Foundation is very excited about Chairman Fletcher's bold announcement

about the San Diego River. After 20 years of effort, this is a major step forward for achieving a dream

which transforms a once forgotten natural and cultural resource into a defining civic treasure. We look

forward to working with all involved and applaud Chairman Fletcher's leadership.”


Keith Maddox, Executive Secretary Treasurer, San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council

"Chair Fletcher understands that there can be no economic recovery without working people in San

Diego County. As a labor movement we commend his proposal to create a living wage ordinance, and to

build county policy that supports working families. Now more than ever, workers need a voice in the

halls of power - and it's clear with the newly elected Board of Supervisors, they have one.”


Jeremy Abrams, Business Manager, IBEW 569

“We applaud Chairman Fletcher and the County Board of Supervisors for their leadership and vision to

advance quality local jobs and equity while tackling climate change. IBEW 569 is looking forward to

working together with the Chair and new Board to create good-paying renewable energy and clean

transportation careers and new electrical apprenticeship opportunities here in the community.”


Geneviéve Jones-Wright, Executive Director, Community Advocates for Just and Moral Governance

"SDBOS Chair Nathan Fletcher's allyship is not performative. I have witnessed Chair Fletcher not only

speak up but also stand up by proposing and fighting for meaningful policy change to address structural

racism in its varied forms — from Black maternity and infant death rates to the systematic police killings

of Black people. In his State of the County address this evening, he once again took a strong stand

against systemic racism, and encouraged community members to hold the County accountable on racial

justice and equity issues. That is the type of leadership our County needs and deserves.”


Shawn A. Covell, former SVP government relations, Paramount Pictures

“Chair Fletcher’s plans for a Regional Film Office will provide a needed economic benefit for the San

Diego region as it recovers from the pandemic. The film industry in greater San Diego - its executives,

talent and union workers - would benefit from this office, and the residual economic impact of

increasing local filming would benefit the local tourism economy. San Diego County is home to beautiful

locations that would be an ideal backdrop for any major motion picture or streaming mini-series.”


Saurabh Gupta, Ph.D., President, San Diego Psychological Association and CEO, Southern California

Psychology Centers

"Chair Fletcher's behavioral health plan for the county is so broad based and ambitious that we face

anything but certainty in implementing it. The best backstop to uncertainty is a full commitment of will

and resources. We as a county community can express that commitment in both dollar and deed, to

ensure its success because it will end up saving many more dollars and improve social conditions for all

San Diegans. The San Diego Psychological Association fully supports this plan because if thoughtfully

implemented, it could serve as a model for the nation."


Kim McDougal, Executive Director, YMCA Childcare Resource Services

Chair Fletcher’s State of the County Address highlights the critical role the County plays in ensuring all

children and families in our community have an equitable opportunity to thrive. I look forward to his

legislative platform to help working families. The greatest investment our County government can make

to build a healthy and thriving region is one that puts prevention and early intervention at the forefront,

and starting with families is how we do that.”