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San Diego County Agencies Ready To Fight Wildfires



Wildfires in San Diego County are becoming more frequent and devastating.

In the last two decades, the county has invested almost $600 million toward expanding its firefighting capacity, because the dangers of wildfires have expanded as well.

Board of Supervisors Chairman and County Fire Protection District President Nathan Fletcher described the wildfire damage in 2020: "Last year alone, California experienced six of the largest and most destructive wildfires in our state’s history in one year, more than four million acres were burned," Fletcher said.

The county’s wildfire response capacity spans several agencies. They are all partnering to reassure the community that they’re prepared to combat wildfires on the ground and in the air.

Fletcher said, "San Diego County is prepared and ready to respond to wildfires, and that is thanks to the incredible hard work and diligence of our fire services, of our law enforcement agencies, of our non-profit communities, of our partners in the utility industry."

Every individual in all of these agencies all have one thing in common: "Everyday these individuals are willing to put their life on the line to run towards the sound of danger to protect not just people and property and our environment," Fletcher said.

California is currently in a wildfire crisis.

"Fire does not know jurisdictional boundaries, it doesn’t stop at the edge of one jurisdiction and wait for permission to go into the next, which means our agencies must all work together and they do," Fletcher noted. READ MORE