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San Diego City, County Team Up On Latest Homeless Initiative



A joint effort by the city and county of San Diego to address homelessness in the area is set to begin next week.

The first phase of the effort, which launches on Monday, includes outreach to those living on the street and the reopening of some city-funded shelter beds closed during the pandemic. The second phase will involve outreach specifically to those who are homeless and have substance abuse issues. Currently there are no shelter options for people who are not sober or "not actively committed to sobriety," according to a press release, but this new effort will include housing for that group. The second phase is slated to begin in August.

The number of homeless people living on the streets in downtown San Diego and surrounding areas has increased dramatically, according to the Downtown San Diego Partnership. This is in line with the most recent report from the San Diego Regional Taskforce on the Homeless, which found that over 38,000 people received housing or services from the area's homeless system in 2020, up from 31,400 in 2019.

San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher joined Midday Edition on Thursday to discuss the new joint city/county effort to tackle the area's growing homelessness problem. READ MORE & LISTEN