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Chair Fletcher weighs in on Fulton v. Philadelphia Supreme Court Decision



Today, The Supreme Court of the United States rendered a decision against allowing private entities that receive government funds to refuse service to certain groups, including individuals identifying as LGBTQIA+, for constitutional religious purposes. Chair Nathan Fletcher, issued a statement on the outcome of the Fulton v. Philadelphia case.

 “This decision tells LGBTQ+ people that they are less worthy of protection from discrimination than others and I disavow that notion entirely. Our Nation's laws are supposed to protect all of us equally. No one should be denied service because of their sexual orientation, race, country of origin, or religion; which makes the ruling by the Supreme Court devastating,” said Chair Fletcher. “It’s a step backwards in our pursuit of equity and justice; we must raise our voice to make it clear that this is unacceptable and not representative of the will of the majority of voters. It is now even more imperative that we focus on passing the Equality Act.”    

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