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San Diego Has Sunk Back To Purple Tier. What Does That Mean?



It was the middle of the afternoon, and El Toro Grill Taqueria in City Heights was completely empty of customers. Still, owner Maribel Estrada was hustling through her small restaurant. She took orders over the phone and through a walk-up ordering window she'd made that opened to the street.


For months, San Diego County stayed in a narrow range, teetering on the edge of the red and purple tiers. Yet, we haven’t seen a huge surge in cases or hospitalizations as is happening in other parts of the country, which is exactly what the tier system is meant to prevent, said San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher.

"The tier system is designed so we don't wake up and have a problem like we're seeing in other states. We have checks that stop you before you hit true exponential spread and growth," he said. "It's a system that's working well for California right now." READ MORE