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New County Board and Sheriff Could Be Headed for a Standoff



A new Democratic majority will take hold of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors in January and one of the major hopes some supporters had was that the board would challenge practices at the Sheriff’s Department.

Several advocates told Voice of San Diego they would like to see the board reduce the department’s budget, shift funding to social workers who can respond to emergency calls involving people with mental health issues and further limit the sheriff’s interactions with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

For the first time in recent history, the Board of Supervisors may be antagonistic to the Sheriff’s Department. For decades, they have cooperated with extremely rare public disputes. The new dynamic may bring out just what power each government agency has and what control the supervisors can wield.


Fletcher said the county must pay those settlements for in-custody deaths or medical negligence.

“As a board, we are the ones who are on the hook,” Fletcher said as he cast the lone “no” vote against Gore’s proposal at a county meeting in August. “We should have input.” READ MORE