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California Regulators Want Enforcement Tools To Help Control Air Pollution Near Ports



“You see a real spike in air pollution when the wait times increase at the border,” said Nathan Fletcher, a San Diego County supervisor who holds a CARB seat. “The idling increases. You see that impact our schools right here in San Diego County. So the monitoring and enforcement help you pinpoint where you need to take action.”

The new rules will reduce smog and lower cancer risks for people living near ports and San Diego’s communities of color will benefit.

“You think about that parent in Barrio Logan who’s child is eight times more likely to have asthma because of the ZIP code in which they were born,” Fletcher said.  “And we have historically placed the low-income communities and communities of color in areas with higher concentrations of pollution, in particular air pollution.”

San Diego already monitors truck traffic in Barrio Logan and National City.

Port of San Diego officials are also working on a plan to direct truck traffic away from homes near the working waterfront.