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County says it will tighten its focus on ‘health equity’ areas to bring positive rates down



We’re already doing a lot, but we know we could still do more.
That, in a nutshell, was the response of San Diego County leadership Wednesday regarding a new measure that the state started using Tuesday to decide who can climb to the higher levels of the state’s reopening ladder and who will remain stuck on their current rung.No longer will it be enough for counties to improve their overall case and positivity rates to levels that the California Department of Public Health says signify lower levels of coronavirus transmission. Now, layer on top of the system introduced in late August, is a new measure designed to stop counties from leaving behind their most disadvantaged neighborhood in the race to open up as quickly as possible.
County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said during the county health department’s weekly COVID briefing Wednesday that the specific factors incorporated in the state’s latest statistical stop sign are just the kinds of things that are already underway in the very neighborhoods highlighted by the new metric.  READ MORE