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Dems Want Control of the County – Here’s What They Say They’d Do With it



In 2017, for instance, a pair of Republican supervisors announced proposals to redirect $25 million for the creation of an investment pool that would encourage more affordable housing — what then-Supervisor Ron Roberts hailed as a “bold initiative.” Previously, Roberts had suggested the county deploy up to $150 million in reserve funds as a loan to help bankroll a new Chargers stadium.As Roberts was preparing to step down because of term limits, the candidates vying for his seat made a variety of promises to spend more money on housing and homelessness. On the campaign trail, Fletcher cited much-needed investments in county health staffing, drug treatment and water and air quality monitoring. The county had been slow to respond to a deadly Hepatitis A outbreak.The following year, with Fletcher on the board, the county dipped a second time into its hefty reserve fund to help bankroll affordable housing projects.At a Politifest panel last week about the future of the county, Fletcher and Southwestern Community College Trustee Nora Vargas, who’s running for the District 1 seat, argued that the government exists to provide assistance to the people — its job, in other words, is to find the finances for services while continuing to live within its means.“No one’s going to bankrupt the county,” Fletcher said. “We’re going to make wise fiscal decisions.” READ MORE