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Pandemic Brings More Biking And Fewer Crashes — But Can It Last?



County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said he sees a window of opportunity right now, with the potential to make lasting cuts to traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. Last week, Fletcher's office launched Pedal Ahead, a program to give away up to 400 electric bikes to county residents. Participants agree to ride an average of five miles per day over two years and to track their rides with an app. If they do this for two years, the electric bike is theirs. Fletcher said e-bikes are especially promising in San Diego, which is spread out and has lots of hills."This program is a perfect complement to come at the right time to inject electric bikes in there, which are much easier to use (for) commuting than a traditional bicycle," Fletcher said. "So I think we really need to think about, as we come out of this, how do we maintain and expand the progress that we've seen in this area." READ MORE