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Safe Reopening Compliance Team To Help Business Navigate COVID-19 Rules, County’s Coronavirus Deaths Reveals Huge Disparity



Newsome says a federal grant has also provided $52 million to increase testing and quarantine housing for essential workers in the eight counties of the central Valley. The COVID positivity rates in each of those counties range from 10.7 to 17.7%. The state average is 7.5 in San Diego County health officials reported a total of more than 880 new COVID cases. Over the weekend, the County continues to exceed several state trigger points and San Diego remains on the state's COVID watchlist. Yet anyone who went out over the weekend was sure to have spotted individuals, groups, and even businesses not complying with COVID guidelines like wearing masks and observing social distancing. San Diego County officials say they are creating a safe reopening compliance team to offer guidance to businesses confused about COVID compliance and to crack down on businesses and organizations operating in defiance of those rules. Joining me is San Diego County supervisor Nathan Fletcher and supervisor Fletcher.  READ MORE