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Making Childcare Available for Back-To-Work San Diegans


Read and watch the full coverage by Rory Devine on NBC San Diego here.

With plans to open some businesses in San Diego County, the question remains: Who will take care of the children when parents go back to work? 

Schools are closed, so are many daycares, including the YMCA which provides child care for many working parents.

“Obviously kids at home zooming or doing distance learning would be on their own, which doesn’t really work," said Felicia Parker, mother of a 13-year-old and a 10-year-old.

At the county news conference Tuesday, San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said, “I don’t know how parents would be expected to go back to work.”

Fletcher said his office is talking to educators and people working in child care to figure out options for families.

“It is vital there be child care options whether that be schools, child care, camps…It is going to be essential those options are there in order to get working parents going back to work.”