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Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and Chairwoman Nora Vargas received support today for the County of San Diego to study its ability to expand available senior services and make other vital additions to the County of San Diego’s existing Aging Roadmap. 

Census statistics show nearly 27 percent of the San Diego County population will be over the age of 60 in just seven years (2030). A new report by the San Diego Seniors Community Foundation says modernizing local seniors centers will aid the region's community down the line. The action led by Supervisor Fletcher and Chairwoman Vargas seeks to get the county involved in doing more to support seniors. 

“Our senior community is growing at a rapid pace, and this is an important first step to see how our County can increase its support for them,” said Supervisor Fletcher. “Seniors are mothers, fathers, sisters and grandparents who have given so much of their lives taking care of those around them; it is time we make sure they are taken care of too.”

The County is not required to provide senior centers or services to senior centers; the County’s Aging and Independence Services does already operate some services. These Supervisors want to see if more can be done. 

“As a county we need to make sure we take care of those who took care of us,” said Nora Vargas, Chairwoman, San Diego County Board of Supervisors. ”We are the safety net of our community, and the well-being of our growing senior population is a top priority. As Chairwoman, I will advocate so that we meet the basic needs of all seniors and expand services and ensure that we improve their quality of life.”

As part of the Board of Supervisors unanimous vote today, the Chief Administrative Officer and County staff will evaluate which elements of the senior center report can be incorporated into ongoing county plans; examine the feasibility and cost to expand services; do extensive outreach and inventory existing County-owned facilities where additional senior activities could be integrated. 

The Supervisors will receive a report back on the progress in 180 days. To read the entire policy, click here