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San Diego County Chairwoman Nora Vargas and Supervisor Nathan Fletcher introduced a policy that adopts a resolution in support of the expansion of Youth Opportunity Passes to 24 and under and to explore funding opportunities for the expansion of the program that currently provides free of cost transportation for youth 18 and under.

Chairwoman Vargas led the efforts and strongly championed the Youth Opportunity Passes that had been loudly advocated for by community groups for over a decade. With the increase of ridership of 84% among youth since the creation of this program and the significant success, Chairwoman Vargas is committed to expanding this program to 24 years and under.

“Last year while riding public transportation with a student from District 1, I personally saw the struggle of some students that must face choosing between food and transportation all while trying to meet their educational goals,” said Nora Vargas, Chairwoman, San Diego County Board of Supervisors. “The Youth Opportunity Passes are not just a free ride; they bring security and stability to the lives of students and youth and remove barriers so they can have access to education, work, and recreational activities that they would not have otherwise. I’ll continue to advocate, and I’m committed to the expansion of this program to 24 and under”

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher Co-docketed the Board Letter and shared these remarks.

“Our policy authorizes the County staff to work internally and externally to explore funding opportunities to expand the Youth Opportunity Pass program,” said Supervisor Fletcher. “We want to extend this program to more young people, and today’s action is an important next step in the process.”

 The Youth Opportunity Pass program became a reality after nearly 10 years of advocacy Mid-City CAN an organization and other members of the community. It addresses social inequities in public transportation, by eliminating financial barriers and providing no-cost transit passes for youth 18 and under. The Youth Opportunity Pass pilot program is funded by $6.13 million from SANDAG and $1.5 million in funding from the County of San Diego Child Welfare Services.

More information about the Youth Opportunity Pass pilot program and where to pick up a free youth PRONTO card, visit