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Chair Nathan Fletcher, and member of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, today approved additions to two separate ordinances that were made to increase the amount of information contractors provide about the subcontractors they use on their projects in unincorporated areas of the County. 

Approximately 14,000 to 18,000 building permits annually and roughly 2,200 right-of-way permits annually are issued, and  the overwhelming majority use subcontractors. In March of last year, Chair Fletcher introduced the policy for the ordinance changes, and today after the vote, he released the following statement:

“This is another important step San Diego County has taken to protect workers.  These updates to our ordinances will make construction sites safer, and hold contractors and subcontractors who perform work in our unincorporated areas more accountable,” said Chair Fletcher. “Having more information available about the subcontractors will allow us to more easily identify bad actors, help prevent workplace accidents, and address any red flag before they start working on a job site.” 

The updated ordinance will collect the following information before a subcontractor gets onsite:  

  1. Subcontractor specialty, name & contact, license number, and workers compensation policy,

  2. Start and end dates of subcontractor work,

  3. Subcontractor address, 

  4. Detailed scope of work done on job, 

  5. Verification of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or wage violations,

  6. Subcontractor Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) status, and 

  7. Special safety licenses or training requirements for a subcontractor’s scope of work. 

The following are types of projects that will require greater subcontractor transparency

  • Building Permits: 1.) All new commercial, residential tracts (five or more lots), and multifamily construction projects (5 or more units); 2.) Commercial tenant improvement (renovation) projects that affect more than 10,000 square feet of space under the renovation; and 3.) Projects associated with General Plan Amendments

  • Right-of-Way Permits: 1.) Projects that are done in the right-of-way to provide for transport of energy, water, or sewer that are subject to State Prevailing Wage; and 2.) Projects in the right-of-way not subject to State Prevailing Wage (excluding residential projects for driveways and retaining walls) 

With today’s approval of additions to County Building Code (Title 9) and County Code of Regulatory Ordinance (Title 7 Division 1), on May 11 2022 there will be a second reading, and if an affirmative vote for the ordinance is cast, it will go into effect on June 10, 2022.

Click here to read more about the ordinance.