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Chair Nathan Fletcher and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors today voted to authorize $12 million of funding to provide permanent supportive housing for low-income families at-risk of becoming homeless, pursue additional funding opportunities and approve an update on the progress the County’s making to build more affordable housing in San Diego County. 

During a presentation by County staff, the team highlighted some of the accomplishments the County has been able to make by leveraging local, state and federal funding resources. Forty-four developments with 3,390 affordable housing units estimated to serve 6,780 individuals makeup the completed, under construction and upcoming developments involving the County. Additionally, 8 County-owned parcels of land have been designated for affordable housing. 

Chair Fletcher after the vote issued the following statement:

“We are doing more now than we ever have to help build affordable housing, and get more new developments in the pipeline,” said Chair Fletcher. “The County is using its financial capacity to help more families move into affordable homes. I am pleased with the progress, but there is more work to do.” 

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