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Tiny Gardens distributed for the second year in Linda Vista & City Heights



This is the second year Bayside Community Center in Linda Vista has provided Tiny Gardens to the community.

“We spent a lot of time shoveling dirt into these felt bags," said Hope Shaw, a freshman at High Tech High in Clairemont. Like Shaw, other students from the high school shovel soil into bags. But for Shaw and a group of her fellow students, it was all totally worth it.

Fletcher originally partnered with Bayside last year as a way to get food — and the means to grow it — to people during the pandemic.

“If you can locally grow, you’re gonna get access to fresh produce and vegetables, you’re also gonna have a positive environmental impact by not trucking things across the country and across the world — it’s not as hard as it seems," Fletcher said.

Along with the soil, everyone here gets a tomato and cilantro plant, a drip tray, tomato cage and watering can. And they’re provided instructions on how to make their garden grow. But the sum total of what folks are getting here is so much more than the parts.

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