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SD Foundation Earmarks $10M for Affordable Housing



The San Diego Foundation has given a $10 million grant to the County of San Diego to build 10,000 units of affordable housing throughout the region.

Although no site or sites yet have been identified for development, the money will seed a new Housing Impact Fund that The San Diego Foundation hopes will help accelerate the production and preservation of housing.

The county’s plan is to combine available government-owned land, philanthropic resources, state and national funding, developers and homebuilders for the development of the units.

San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher in his State of the County address in late March outlined proposals that he said would provide additional help for the homeless, increase the speed of building affordable housing, address the high cost of childcare, wildfire safety and more.

Moving Forward for ‘Real Change’ in Housing Policy

Fletcher said “failed housing policies of the past” aren’t working and that the county must keep moving forward “for real change.”

Fletcher said that the county is on pace to issue more than 1,600 building permits for new housing in unincorporated San Diego County, which is up nearly 50 percent from last year.

The county has been steadfast in its ongoing efforts to bring more affordable housing units to the region.

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