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Fletcher Pledges Action on Big County Challenges



Nathan Fletcher, chair of the county Board of Supervisors, on Tuesday urged San Diegans to come together to attack the region’s foremost challenges during the county’s big annual speech.

“If we can seek out our better angels, embrace the fight to challenge our most vexing and challenging problems and never be afraid to drive bold solutions,” Fletcher said. “If we can do that, then the state of our county will continue to get stronger — every single day.”

Here’s a rundown of Fletcher’s biggest announcements on issues including homelessness and the region’s childcare shortage during the county’s annual State of the County address. You can also watch the speech here.

New Push for Homeless Services Regionwide: More cities across the county have been talking about new shelters and services. Fletcher on Tuesday pledged that the county will offer $10 million in grants to give those efforts a shot in the arm. He said the county will also share a standard agreement with all 18 cities in the region to pledge county behavioral health services for new shelters and other services.

Action on the Opioid Crisis: Drug overdose deaths are soaring. Fletcher revealed Tuesday that the county is nearing a settlement via legal action against opioid giant Purdue Pharma that could bring $100 million to the county. Fletcher pledged to develop a comprehensive plan to invest those funds and save lives. Fletcher said he’ll partner with Supervisor Joel Anderson, whose East County district has been hit particularly hard by the scourge, to launch gatherings countywide to discuss that response before the funds flow into the region.

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