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County to Enter Historic Partnership UCSD Health on Regional Behavioral Health Hub


I am thrilled to announce we reached a historic agreement with UC San Diego Health on our journey to building a better way for delivering behavioral health services. This agreement sets the foundation to make an incredible impact on our region—both in our regional behavioral health hub but also in creating an entity and framework for true person-centered care coordination. UC San Diego has been an amazing partner and I commend them for their commitment to patients, collaborative spirit, creativity and dedication to doing what is right for San Diego. The MOU brought forward today will be foundational in providing mental health and substance abuse care throughout our region for decades to come. 

I am disappointed Scripps Health could not be part of this agreement. Although they are not joining the effort at this time, I am greatly encouraged by outreach from other health systems that would like to join in our efforts. We remain open to working with anyone whose primary commitment is better outcomes for those in need.  

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher
Supervisor, District 4
County of San Diego