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County Ready for Stage 2 Reopening, Should Exercise Caution Moving Toward Stage 3


I believe San Diego County is ready to responsibly reopen businesses in “Stage 2” consistent with the guidelines Governor Gavin Newsom outlined yesterday. But given we have not even opened “Stage 2” business, I do not believe it is time to call on the state to allow the immediate opening of “Stage 3” entities including higher risk activities like gathering and businesses with high exposure, intensity and duration of risk. I recognize the pressure elected officials feel to move faster and understand the very real economic distress coronavirus has caused, but we must exercise caution and ensure a smooth and consistent recovery. I share the concerns of the multiple hospital leaders who are strongly opposed to moving into “Stage 3” now. Governor Newsom has said he believes we will be ready to move into “Stage 3” at the beginning of June. That is less than two weeks away and I believe a wiser course of action is to fully and safely implement “Stage 2”, monitor any impact of our public health situation, and prepare for successful implementation of “Stage 3” in the coming weeks. 

Nathan Fletcher
Supervisor, District 4, County of San Diego
Co-Chair, County COVID-19 Subcommittee