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After Decades Marked by Sameness, the Board of Supervisors is Changing Rapidly


Excerpts from Voice of San Diego article

In the last three months, the San Diego County government opened a shuttered courthouse to asylum-seekers, dipped for a second time into its hefty reserve fund to bankroll affordable housing projects and took steps to move forward with a plan to create or join a government-run energy program.

For a governing body that has for decades been defined by its conservatism – financially, politically and when it comes to its willingness to address the region’s foremost challenges head-on – that’s a major shift.

Politicos of all political stripes have buzzed about the impact of Democratic Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, who campaigned on the need for change.

Change has come more quickly than many expected.

Even some of the Democrats and labor groups who rallied behind Fletcher say they underestimated his ability to get things done as the sole Democrat on the board.

“(Fletcher) has certainly surpassed our expectations in terms of what he’s been able to accomplish so far and he’s leading with values, but he also is taking on the opposition’s arguments in a way that is prevailing and getting some results that were unexpected,” said Dave Lagstein, political director of the county’s largest labor union.

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