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Fletcher, Desmond sworn in as county supervisors


Excerpts from San Diego Union-Tribune article

Newcomers Nathan Fletcher and Jim Desmond were sworn in Monday morning as the newest members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, marking the first time two new supervisors have joined the board in nearly 25 years.

The arrival of Fletcher and Desmond signals a period of dramatic change for the county, regardless of where one lies on the political spectrum. 

The sense of change was certainly on the minds of audience members and the new supervisors themselves.

After being sworn in by his wife, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, while surrounded by family, Fletcher delivered an address focused primarily on the topic.

“Change can be difficult. There is uncertainty, a lack of continuity that can push us outside of our comfort zone,” he said. “But change can also be a good thing, a different approach, a new attitude, a different party, new ideas...These are things that can stretch, but also strengthen a governing body.”

Fletcher also made a point to discuss the importance of supervisors working together and making “principled compromises.”

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